5 Natural Ways to Whiten Your Teeth at Home

Yellowness and stains on your teeth are caused by eating, drinking and bad habits. To remove them, you do not need to buy expensive toothpaste, nature have solution for this. Here are five eatable plants that can whiten your teeth.

Bay leaf
Laurel is antibacterial and freshens your breath, but also can remove yellow stains from teeth caused by food and drink. Put fresh bay leaf in a bowl and add a little juice of citrus (orange, lemon or lime) or, if it is organic fruit put one slice of citrus peel. Mix the ingredients until they are connected. Brush your teeth with the mixture every third day.

Acids from strawberries can remove yellow stains on your teeth. In a small bowl mash the strawberries and apply the mixture on your toothbrush. Brush your teeth with the mixture every third day.

Coconut oil or sesame
The so-called oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic techniques to maintain oral hygiene. Beside it cleans, oil prevents the formation of dental plaque and bacteria that destroys teeth and gums. Gargle tablespoon of oil for about 15 minutes and spit. Then wash your teeth as usual.

This Indian spice is ideal for cleaning the stains from your teeth, but it is also good for killing bacteria. In a teaspoon with turmeric powder add a few drops of warm water and mix it until you make a paste. Brush your teeth with the mixture and wash them good or wash it in the usual way. Brush your teeth with the mixture every third day.

Licorice root
This magical plant kills fungi, bacteria, reduces inflammation of the throat, but also cleans your teeth. Chew a piece of root or rub your teeth with piece of root. Brush your teeth with the mixture every third day.

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