Complete Guide On How To Make Your Own Detoxification Patches

Everybody knows that detoxification of the body is crucial for our overall health. Today we are going to present you one of the most effective and powerful ways to detoxify your body, known as detoxification patches.

These powerful patches have double effect on the human body:

-They absorb the toxins from the whole body
-Improves reflexology points

We are going to present you how to make detoxification patches at home because they are really expensive to buy.


The first thing you should do is to cut a piece 10×6 cm of an aluminum foil. The next thing is to make a great combination of dried herbal ingredients (vitamin C powder-buy it from pharmacy, chili powder, chamomile, green tea and turmeric). It will be perfect to use pestle in order to crush them (until they become powdered).

When you are done with the crushing, cover the mixture with a piece of gauze and fix it on your feet. Let the patches stay and act during the night.

What are the benefits of detoxification patches?

-Improves reflexology points
-Enhance the excretion of toxins

The patches will also help you with:

-Improves body functions
-Anti stress effect
-Slowing the aging process
-Change of lifestyle
-Organism balance
-Organism and detoxification cleansing
-Better concentration
-Quality sleep
-As a prevention
-Strengthen the immune system

Have a nice day, detoxify your body and enjoy your life like never before!

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