Does Drinking Lemon Water Really Helps You To Lose Weight?

Does lemon juice really melt” calories? Like many myths from the healthy, not healthy” and theory that lemon has a “magical” properties when it comes to losing weight is just – a myth, with a grain of true, according to Mondo.

If you regularly drink water with lemon juice inside, you will be less swollen, it is a fact. Lemon has diuretic properties, “draw out” the excess water from the body, which consequently means that you often go to the toilet. The result? You are going to remove excess water from the body, and will act more slender. And you are going to fell better.

On the other hand, lemon juice is rich with vitamin C, which is good for your general health, but contributes a little for fat burning. People who get enough vitamin C do better during intensive training designed specifically with the aim of melting fat, than those who have lack of this vitamin.

But there are so many foods that are rich (even richer than lemon) with vitamin C: peppers, kiwi, cabbage, broccoli, strawberries…

Again, it is a fact that lemon contains pectin, which in the intestinal tract binds cholesterol, so it lowers his level in the blood. Additionally, connects simple carbohydrates, which slows the growth of sugar level in the blood.

But (again), among the best sources of pectin are: apples, oranges, grapefruit…

So, is there any need to add lemon juice in to the water? Yes. As much as it makes sense to eat a piece of any of the following fruits or vegetables and then drink a glass of water. Just this second may be easier than obsessive” squeezing of lemon.

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