Get Rid of Your Headache in Just 3 Minutes Using Only a Towel

There isn’t a person that hasn’t experienced a headache. They can be really painful and put you in a bad, grumpy mood. Instead of taking pills to soothe your pain, we suggest you try this amazing head massage. This incredible massage will help you improve the blood flow in the head and will relieve stress.

How To Do The Headache Relief Massage

All you’re going to need is a towel to do this massage. The towel massage will improve the blood circulation to the head and will relieve pain.


Grab a clean towel. Roll it tight using spiral movements. Press the towel on the back of your head while keeping it tight with both hands. Move the towel on your head, neck and shoulders without pressing it too much. Do this for 3-5 minutes. This type of stimulation will relieve your headache. If your headache doesn’t go away, take a 10 minute break and repeat the method again.

The spiral, towel massage relaxes your head and neck area; eliminates cramps and makes you feel better.

If your headaches are too painful, after doing the massage, drink a cup of warm, mint tea. Mint tea has a soothing effect on the blood vessels.

So next time when you’re experiencing a headache, grab a towel and do the relaxing towel massage.

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