Have a bad breath? Tricks to get rid of bad breath on natural way

Each of us may have a problem with “odors from the mouth” and no matter what the reasons is, we can remove them with this natural recipes against bad breath.

The feeling is not friendly at all and we all seek for chewing gum or some similar breath fresheners, but there are better natural ways, especially if you have these problems for a longer time.

It usually occurs when tiny bits of food accumulate in our tongue, between the teeth and the gums. The bacteria in your mouth break up the pieces of food and so emit chemicals that have a strong odor (or more precisely, the smell). However, it is possible that bad breath occurs because of carious teeth, digestive problems, bronchitis, complicated viral infections in the oral cavity, … In this case it is important to consult a doctor.

In addition to the oral hygiene it is extremely important to (regularly brush your teeth, use tongue cleaner, use dental floss, choosing the right toothbrush and paste, …), and another natural tricks can beat that ugly odor.

Parsley and lemon

With parsley you can remove bad breath on a fast way. It has antiseptic properties and contains chlorophyll – and that is all useful for better breath. It works only with fresh parsley leaves. Just chew them briefly. You can swallow it or spit it out after chewing. Also you can use coriander leaves or chew fresh mint leaves.

You can rinse the mouth with a little stronger mixture of water and lemon, or you can drink a stronger lemonade without sugar. The acid from the lemon neutralizes odors (especially if you have eaten garlic or onion) and restores balance.

Rinsing with salt and vinegar

You can rinse the mouth with salt water. Put a couple of teaspoon of salt in warm water and rinse your mouth for a few seconds with this mixture. Also you can rinse the throat (gargle).

If you suffer from bad breath often, you can drink glass of apple vinegar dissolved with water (only two tablespoon apple vinegar in glass of water). Also you can briefly gargle with this mixture.

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