Only 2 ingredients. Only 15 minutes. Only 93 calories: The fastest and healthiest recipe in the world!

The fastest and healthiest recipe in the world you will read it too fast, bake faster and enjoy in a healthy meal as fast as possible!


Ingredients (for 8-10 cookies)

2 pieces of ripe bananas
100g soft oatmeal

If desired, you can add some nuts


Peel two ripe bananas (more mature and softer). Tear them into smaller pieces and add them along with 100 grams of soft oatmeal. Squeeze the bananas with fork and mix them with oatmeal until you get smooth mixture. Put the mixture with a spoon on a baking sheet and form biscuits. You can sprinkle the biscuits with crushed hazelnuts. Bake the cookies at 200 degrees for 15 minutes until they get brown.

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