This Japanese method will help you to feel better and heal in a few minutes

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient form of Japanese art of healing that helps to balance the emotions with stimulating specific points on the hands (in this case fingers). Each finger is connected with two body organs.

For those who have not heard for Jin Shin Jyutsu, ancient Japanese art and philosophy, it is time to update them. In fact it is a part of alternative medicine, which is based on stimulating fingers on the hands, and through the important points on the fingers to balance the energy of the body which is important for the physical and emotional health of the body.

The basis of this study is based on the following principle: each finger on the hand is associated with a specific organ that fits a certain emotion.

If you need to act on some organ, hold your finger with the other hand and press it with the whole hand and hold it for three to five minutes. During that time breath deeply. Also, this can achieve general harmonization of your body so you can hold each finger of the hand for three to five minutes.

Here are the organs that are associated with your fingers:



Organs: stomach and spleen.
Emotions: anxiety, depression and worries.
Physical symptoms: abdominal pain, skin problems, headaches, nervousness.


Index (pointer) finger

Organs: kidneys and urinary bladder.
Emotions: disappointment, fear and confusion.
Physical symptoms: muscle aches, backache, toothache, problems with the digestive system.


Middle finger

Organs: liver and gall-bag.
Emotions: indecision, anger, irritability.
Physical symptoms: problems with blood circulation, menstrual pain, vision problems, fatigue, frontal headache, migraine.


Ring finger

Organs: lungs and colon.
Emotions: negativity, sadness, fear of rejection, grief.
Physical symptoms: ringing in the ears, respiratory problems, asthma, skin diseases, problems with digestion.


Small finger

Organs: heart and small intestine.
Emotions: worries, anxiety, lack of self-esteem.
Physical symptoms: heart disease, sore throat, stomach bloating, problems with bones.

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