Up To 30 Pounds of Harmful Toxins Are Accumulated In Your Colon – Here Is What You Can Do

Colon is the site where waste management takes place inside our body. A healthy and clean colon efficiently drives all the toxins out of the body. An unhealthy, clogged colon results in toxin build up within the system, thereby polluting the entire system.

Water is squeezed out from the remnants of food inside the colon thus leaving behind bile acids, non-digestible fiber and bacteria. Fungi and bacteria thrive and toxins get reabsorbed if the bowel transit time is too slow. A healthy colon gets rid of waste every six to 18 hours. Eating appropriate food items can help keep the colon tract clean.

As a result of processing of around 40,000 liters of liquid and 100 tons of food which our intestines do during our lifetime, we get more than 30 pounds of toxic waste and fecal deposits, which are poisoning our blood and damaging our body.

Symptoms of Toxic Colon

  • Digestive
    The digestive symptoms include bloating, acute stomach pain, indigestion & constipation.
  • General
    The general symptoms which signify accumulation of toxins in colon are muscle pain and joint pain.
  • Behavioural
    The behavioural symptoms cover fatigue, anxiety, brain fog, poor memory, mood swings and depression.
  • Immune A weak immune system, bladder infections and skin rashes are also signs of a toxin loaded colon.

Yet, there is a treatment called enema, which is expensive and can be harmful for the gut flora, but cleans just a small part (40-50 cm) of the colon and flushes out the intestines.

Natural way of cleaning your colon from accumulated toxins


The best solution for your intestines is the natural way of cleansing.

Consuming flaxseed flour in a three week period will completely clean the thin and thick intestine of accumulated waste. This will preserve the intestinal micro flora, too.

Burning fat, regulating the lipid metabolism, normalizing the weight, eliminating toxins and reducing the cholesterol levels are only some of the conditions this treatment is good for.

Indications for use:

  • Colitis, stomach ulcers, gastritis
  • Inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, urinary tract diseases, cystitis
  • Excessive body weight, variations in lipid metabolism


Take every morning for breakfast

  • Week 1: Mix 100 ml of kefir with 1 tbsp. of flaxseed flour.
  • Week 2: Mix 100 ml of kefir with 2 tbsp. of flaxseed flour.
  • Week 3: Mix 150 ml of kefir with 3 tbsp. of flaxseed flour.

Also a nice solution would be to get flaxseed and simply grind it finely if you can’t find flaxseed flour. Use a freshly ground flaxseed every morning.

It is recommended to drink plenty of water (2 liters a day) during this treatment.



This colon cleansing method should be performed only once a year.

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