Want to have flat belly, and you like coconut and instant coffee? This is the perfect recipe for you

This drink for losing weight became globally popular when businessman Dave Asprey few years ago have shared with the rest of the world.

Mr. Asprey called him Bulletproof coffee, and this fine creamy drink is so caloric that can completely replace a meal. This coffee mix helped him to remove as much as 88 pounds.

When you drink this energy bomb, you will not be hungry for the next three hours.

The secret of this aromatic drink is found in high concentration of fat, which also prolongs the effects of caffeine, and you will feel energy rush that going to last long after you have drank the coffee.

There are various versions of this popular coffee but this time we will tell you a combination that we liked most.

1 scoop of instant coffee
½ teaspoon of cocoa or a few drops of vanilla extract
1 dl almond milk
1 dl of boiled water
1 teaspoon organic coconut oil

So take your favorite cup from where you drink your morning coffee, pour instant coffee and cocoa and add boiling water. Mix it with instant coffee mixer, then add warm almond milk. Finally, pour one teaspoon of coconut oil.

You will surely fall in love in this creamy drink at first sip, and we believe that you will be happy to hang out together each morning.

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